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Projects to Boost Your Home's Value

Whether you’re looking to sell or just sprucing up your place, there’s some projects you can do around the house to boost the value of your home and help you when it comes time to list.

Kentucky Realtor magazine conducted a survey in spring of 2017 of consumers, industry professionals, and real estate agents on what projects can boost a home’s value and by how much. Results are listed below, with curb appeal projects such as new doors, windows, and siding showed a higher return on investment (ROI).


Top 10 projects with greatest ROI:

-Attic Insulation (Fiberglass)

-Entry Door Replacement (Steel)

-Manufactured Stone Veneer

-Garage Door Replacement (“Upscale”)

-Minor Kitchen Remodel

-Entry Door Replacement (Fiberglass)

-Garage Door Replacement (“Midrange”)

-Window Replacement (Vinyl)

-Window Replacement (Wood)

-Grand Entrance (Fiberglass)


Bottom 10 projects with lowest ROI:

-Bathroom Addition (“Midrange”)

-Backup Power Generator

-Backyard Patio

-Deck Addition

-Bathroom Addition (“Upscale”)

-Bathroom Remodel

-Major Kitchen Remodel

-Master Suite Addition

-Bathroom Remodel


These are important to pay attention to if you’re looking at an addition, replacement, or remodel because what you’re putting money into now, may or may not give back when you go to sell. Consider what you want in your home right now, what you can afford, and what makes sense.


For more information on these lists and companies that can help you with replacements, remodels, or additions, contact The Elizabeth Monarch Group or visit our website at If you are looking to buy or sell, call us at 502-371-1155.


The Great Outdoors: Small Projects to Make Your Outdoor Space Feel Bigger

For many buyers this time of year, an appealing outdoor space is much of an asset in potential properties. And in this country’s culture, outdoor entertaining is a large part of peoples’ summer and fall activities. When it comes to selling your home, a piece of staging that may get overlooked is that of the outdoor spaces of your property. Some buyers may look for smaller spaces for less upkeep, and some may look for larger spaces for room for grilling and sports! Whatever it may be, there are some small projects you can do to open up your patio, deck , or backyard to increase appeal to potential buyers.


Tipping the Scale

As with any staging project, decluttering is a good place to start! This is important to keep in mind because overcrowding a small space with too much décor or furniture can make it feel even more cramped. It’s crucial to pay attention to the size of the outdoor space when deciding what furniture to include and what plants may fit well. Make sure that tables and chairs are of a suiting size and that plants aren’t blocking any architectural features such as an outdoor fireplace or patio door.


Focal Points & Reflections

In smaller spaces, it may benefit you to select a certain feature as a focal point. For example, focus on arranging furniture, plants, and other...

Summer Spruce Up: Easy Home Improvements for the Whole Family

With summer come barbecues, deck parties, gardening, and lots of outdoor fun! The summer is also one of the biggest times for both indoor and outdoor home improvement projects. But with kids, working on home projects can be challenging. How do you include the kids without making a mess or sabotaging the outcome? Here are some simple, fun, family-friendly projects you can enjoy with kids of all ages this season!



When it comes to painting, many fear the involvement of kids or even teens. Paint is a semi-permanent improvement that can easily be ruined by lack of attention or unexpected messes. However, there are some tips and ideas that can make painting a stress-free experience for everyone involved!

Involving children in painting can actually be very advantageous. While the adults and taller kids paint higher up the walls or on ladders, the smaller kids can work on the lower part of the wall. To prevent messes, always prepare and protect. Prepare by teaching the kids how to use paint brushes and rollers. You can even tape out certain areas in fun shapes across the wall to keep the kids painting in certain areas and make it more fun! Protect by dressing everyone in old clothes, taping off crown molding and fixtures, and laying plenty of drop cloths and plastic to save the floors from accidental messes.

You can also try painting other non-traditional surfaces for more fun and flair! If you have concrete or outdated...

How to Avoid Buying a 'Money Pit'

Buying a home is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. But it can also be a the most nerve racking. How do you know the home you’re buying truly is a good investment?

Here’s how you avoid buying a “Money Pit”

Always make sure to check the quality of the construction of the home, especially in areas that matter most. The structural stability of the home is always the most important feature.
Check for a basement, and if the home has one, take an in-depth look. The basement is the most revealing part of a home, allowing you to see the plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and construction quality and materials. You’re standing in the foundation of the home!
Examine the foundation. Don’t worry about calling in a structural engineer, just look for a few warning signs in and around the home. Such as, are there large trees close to the homes exterior? If so, the roots can grow towards the home and cause the foundation to become weak or crack. Also, check floors and dry wall for cracks.
Look long and hard for water damage. Some of the most costly damage that can happen to a home comes from water leaks. Be sure to find if any exist. Check the bathrooms and kitchen, but also check around windows and other seals to see if storm water is leaking through.
Don’t forget to check cosmetics. They may seem like quick fixes or things you can look over, but unless your budget calls for a major face lift you will eventually find yourself in a money pit.

Having a good real estate agent helps avoid the stress of investing your money in the wrong home. We are here to help you seek out these answers and make sure you’re getting the best home possible, for the best price possible.

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What Roof is Best for You?

Picking the right roof for your home is important, especially after the storm damage several Louisvillians experienced this year. After a few treacherous storms rolled through the Louisville area, many home owners were faced with the question: which roof is best for our home?

Home owners and potential home buyers know the importance of choosing the right roof for their home. When considering your roof options make sure to ask yourself these questions:
1.How long will it last?
2.What types of Natural Disasters occur in your area, and will this roof hold up against them?
3.How much does the potential roof weigh and does your existing roof frame support the new weight?
4.How eco friendly is this roof?
5.Are there any neighborhood or local building codes that prohibit this sort of roof.
6.How good will the roof look on the home?
7.Last but not least, how much does it cost?

Today there are more roofing options available than ever before and while that is a good thing, it can also make your decision making process more complicated.  The types of roofs available now are:
Asphalt Shingles
Plastic Polymer
Clay Tile
Concrete Tile

The Slate roof option is the most expensive and requires a special installation. The Asphalt Shingles are the cheapest option, but are not very durable.

Make sure when choosing your roof you pick something that has good wind resistance and a high fire rating. Also make sure to check during installation if there is anything that can be done to raise those ratings even higher.

In the end, picking the right roof for your home comes down to what your willing to spend and what’s the most important thing to you. However, always be sure to check warranty information! Whether you pick the most expensive roof or not, you want to make sure that regardless of what happens you have coverage.