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Getting Your Home Through the Winter

The winter always brings some of the prettiest weather scenes to our area, but that beautiful winter wonderland can come with a price: your home’s well being. There are several things you can do to help keep your home looking and feeling good throughout the winter months. Here’s a few:

1. Give your furnace a “Check Up”. Call an HVAC professional and have then inspect your furnace and clean the ducts. Also, make sure to stock up on furnace filters and change them out on a monthly basis.
2. Check the exterior, doors, and the windows. Heating bills can be through the roof in winter months. First make sure to replace any cracked glass in the windows. Then caulk the windows, and use weatherstripping around the doors to prevent unwanted cold air from entering.
3. If you have a fireplace, be prepared. The last thing you need is birds and rodents getting moving in for the winter. Place a cap or screen at the top of the chimney to keep out unwanted house guests! Purchase chop wood or firewood and store it away from the outside of your home.
4. Inspect the gutters and roof.  Look for worn shingles or titles, and check the flashing to ensure water can’t enter your home. Consider additional insulation in your attic to prevent cold air from hitting your roof and causing ice. If you didn’t install leaf guards during the fall months, make sure to clean the gutters of any debris.
5. Prepare your landscaping and exterior. If you have trees, be sure to trim the branches that hang too close to the house or electric wires. Louisville has had it’s fair share of ice storms, and trees can cause a large amount of damage. Seal your driveway and your patio too.
6. Prevent your plumbing from freezing. Insulate any exposed plumbing pipes, and drain the air conditioning pipes. If your AC has a water shut-off valve, turn it off. If you leave for vacation during the winter months, make sure to leave the heat on and set to at least 55 degrees. In an emergency, locate your water main and shut it off.

Louisville’s winter weather is unpredictable. Make sure your home is ready for anything!  If you have any other questions, contact us for further information.

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