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Should I Buy or Build?

If you’ve been contemplating recently whether or not you should build your next home or buy an existing one, you’re not alone. We are currently working with numerous buyers’ who are in the process of building their dream home and we’ve had to help them make the same decision. For most of them it was not an easy one!

According to Joe Pusateri, author of Building your Dream Home, here are some key questions to ask yourself before deciding you want to build a home:

  1. Do you have a hard time making decisions?

  2. Do I have a hard time sticking with the decisions I’ve made?

  3. Am I a perfectionist?

  4. Is my schedule already jam-packed that I don’t have time for everything I enjoy?

  5. Does uncertainty and lack of control add unwanted stress to my life?

  6. Am I disappointed easily?

  7. Do I handle conflict by looking for the win/win outcome?

  8. Am I realistic enough to realize that things aren’t always perfect?

  9. Do I have some available time for the next year?

  10. Is our family life stable enough to handle the additional activity?

Pusateri says that if you answered "no" to the first six question and "yes" to the last four, you are ready to build! Of course, there are no right or wrong answers when asking yourself these questions.  Just make sure you’re as honest in your answer as possible, and realize this is used only to help you make the best decision possible at this point in your life.

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