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Summer Spruce Up: Easy Home Improvements for the Whole Family

With summer come barbecues, deck parties, gardening, and lots of outdoor fun! The summer is also one of the biggest times for both indoor and outdoor home improvement projects. But with kids, working on home projects can be challenging. How do you include the kids without making a mess or sabotaging the outcome? Here are some simple, fun, family-friendly projects you can enjoy with kids of all ages this season!



When it comes to painting, many fear the involvement of kids or even teens. Paint is a semi-permanent improvement that can easily be ruined by lack of attention or unexpected messes. However, there are some tips and ideas that can make painting a stress-free experience for everyone involved!

Involving children in painting can actually be very advantageous. While the adults and taller kids paint higher up the walls or on ladders, the smaller kids can work on the lower part of the wall. To prevent messes, always prepare and protect. Prepare by teaching the kids how to use paint brushes and rollers. You can even tape out certain areas in fun shapes across the wall to keep the kids painting in certain areas and make it more fun! Protect by dressing everyone in old clothes, taping off crown molding and fixtures, and laying plenty of drop cloths and plastic to save the floors from accidental messes.

You can also try painting other non-traditional surfaces for more fun and flair! If you have concrete or outdated linoleum tile floors, consider giving them a new look with paint! Kids will love the idea of painting on the floor and there’s no drop cloths needed!

When it comes to outside painting, try including the whole family on painting things such as older sheds, garages, and fences!


Gardening & Landscaping

When it comes to outdoor projects, such as gardening, there can be less worry about creating messes in the workspace, but there can also be increased messed with the children themselves. Nevertheless, it seems that the messier the project, often the more fun that comes out of it.

For gardening, you can work with the kids on planting simple flowers, small trees, or even a raised garden! With smaller planting projects, kids can easily grab a small shovel and some gloves to help dig small holes and places plants in them! Try involving the kids in picking out what types and colors will be added to the yard!

Kids can also help in other small landscaping tasks like spreading mulch, fertilizing and watering gardens, and pulling small weeds!

Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

Summer means outdoors and entertainment that go hand in hand! There are many small, easy projects for your outdoor entertaining space that the whole family can take part in!

When it comes to a small space, take the whole family to the store to pick out furniture, a fire pit, rocks or stepping stones, cushions, and flower pots. These are easy to implement in a backyard or patio space and the kids will enjoy being a part of choosing what it looks like! You can also enlist the help of your kids to set it up and put it together. And when it’s all done, you can throw a fun backyard barbecue!


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