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12/18/2015 Featured Listing - Wolfpen Woods

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12 Steps to Your New Home

Step 1: Choose a REALTOR® to assist you in your home purchasing process.

Tip: Make sure it is someone you like and trust.

Step 2: Meet with a mortgage loan officer and get pre-approved for a loan.

Tip: Ask your agent to recommend a loan officer who has performed well for his or her previous clients.

Step 3: Specify your wants, needs, and price range; search homes for sale in Louisville.

Tip: It helps to focus your search on only a few areas.

Step 4: View properties that meet your criteria.

Tip: You will probably want to see enough homes to feel comfortable in your marketplace.

Step 5: You Found The One!

Tip: If you know it is the right one, be prepared to act quickly.

Step 6: Make an initial offer to purchase.

Tip: Trust your agent to prepare and present your offer to the seller in the best light.

Step 7: Negotiate Terms.

Tip: Counter-offers are common. Be prepared to be a little flexible on price, closing date, appliances, or repairs.

Step 8: Consider a Home Warranty.

Tip: A Home Warranty offers the security to protect you from unexpected expenses.

Step 9: Arrange for a professional home inspection.

Tip: This is your best chance to carefully evaluate the property's systems and structure. An experienced, outside professional is worth every penny.

Step 10: Shortly before closing, do a final walk-through of the home.

Tip: Make sure that everything you thought was included in the purhcase agreement remains on the property.

Step 11: Close on the property.

Tip: Your closer, agent, and loan officer will walk you through the process.

Step 12: MOVE IN!

Tip: Use the checklist we give you during your free buyer consultation to plan your move, in order to not forget anything!