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8/2/2017 Kitchen Remodels & ROIs: What Buyers Are Looking for Today

In 2017, a minor kitchen remodel offers the 4th best return on investment (ROI) out of any home improvement projects, so when doing so, it’s important to do it right. Since the kitchen is likely one of the first things potential buyers see when going through your home on an open house or showing, it’s easy to see how making a good impression with your kitchen can help sell your home quicker and for more money. However, you do want to be sure not to overdo it. As a general ... Read more

12 Steps to Your New Home

Step 1: Choose a REALTOR® to assist you in your home purchasing process.

Tip: Make sure it is someone you like and trust.

Step 2: Meet with a mortgage loan officer and get pre-approved for a loan.

Tip: Ask your agent to recommend a loan officer who has performed well for his or her previous clients.

Step 3: Specify your wants, needs, and price range; search homes for sale in Louisville.

Tip: It helps to focus your search on only a few areas.

Step 4: View properties that meet your criteria.

Tip: You will probably want to see enough homes to feel comfortable in your marketplace.

Step 5: You Found The One!

Tip: If you know it is the right one, be prepared to act quickly.

Step 6: Make an initial offer to purchase.

Tip: Trust your agent to prepare and present your offer to the seller in the best light.

Step 7: Negotiate Terms.

Tip: Counter-offers are common. Be prepared to be a little flexible on price, closing date, appliances, or repairs.

Step 8: Consider a Home Warranty.

Tip: A Home Warranty offers the security to protect you from unexpected expenses.

Step 9: Arrange for a professional home inspection.

Tip: This is your best chance to carefully evaluate the property's systems and structure. An experienced, outside professional is worth every penny.

Step 10: Shortly before closing, do a final walk-through of the home.

Tip: Make sure that everything you thought was included in the purhcase agreement remains on the property.

Step 11: Close on the property.

Tip: Your closer, agent, and loan officer will walk you through the process.

Step 12: MOVE IN!

Tip: Use the checklist we give you during your free buyer consultation to plan your move, in order to not forget anything!